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Animal residents

Around 200 animals live together peacefully on Tante Martha's farm. Every single animal has its very special story and gives Tante Martha a profile. Following we would like to introduce you to our residents and our philosophy.

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Many visitors to the Tante Martha farm  are inspired by animal interactions. This creates formative and valuable moments for both.



At Tanta Martha's every living being is looked after with dignity, mindfulness, respect and love and is part of the family.


We respect every living being on earth and strive for a life in symbiosis with everything.


In our opinion, it is inevitable that people's values ​​and way of approaching animals - especially towards so-called farm animals - change and transform into a new form of fair and sustainable thinking and acting.


Being together with happy and free beings is a great gift and blessing.

Tante Martha Kuh

Oxen →

Anton and Figaro joined us in 2014 as fattening calves from an animal research project.

Tante Martha (141).jpg

Pigs →

Wilma, Pigna, Säuli and Henry - they all have a sad history and come from the soulless and brutal livestock industry.

Tante Martha (85).jpg

Dogs →

Most of the mixed troop of the 6 Tante Martha dogs come from kill centres in Romania. All dogs are animal welfare cases and have experienced physical or emotional suffering.

dicke martha.jpg

Cats →

15 former stray cats live with Tante Martha. Most were taken in as feral young animals and tamed through cuddling.

Lebenshof Tante Martha (7).jpg

Chickens, turkeys & Co. →

Chickens, turkeys, pigeons, golden pheasants, peacocks and quails - all rescued from emergency situations - enliven the entire farm.

Does & Alpacas →

The 3 proud old deer have always been here - they are the witnesses of the former deer farm who remained on the farm. The four alpaca stallions come from breeding and hobby farms and should have gone to be slaughtered because of their "unsightly" appearance


Horses →

The family also includes the 3 horses Alvari, Pünktchen & Gervanta. All of them have suffered physical damage from sport and therapy rides. Here they live freely and without any requirements to use.

Sheep & Goats →

The 17 sheep and 4 goats were rescued from their predicaments from the Urneralp, Valais, Ticino and the Bernese Oberland.

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